The Nice Guys

the_nice_guys_posterStars: Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling, Angourie Rice

Director: Shane Black

Rating: MA15+ (Strong violence, sex, nudity and coarse language)

Released: 26 May 2016 (Australia)

The whole buddy cop/detective action comedy genre can be quite hit (Lethal Weapon – written by the film’s director Shane Black) or miss (Cop Out) but The Nice Guys is most definitely the former. Set in 1970s Los Angeles we see Russell Crowe’s shameless enforcer Jackson Healy teaming up with Ryan Gosling’s dimwitted PI Holland March to investigate the disappearance of a missing lady wanted dead by thugs. With Crowe’s deadpan demeanour being brilliantly juxtaposed by Gosling’s comedic buffoonery this movie delivers in both the action and comedy aspects.

One of my personal highlights, other than Gosling’s one-liners, is the performance of 16-year-old Australian (something I only just found out and am proud of) newcomer Angourie Rice. Playing the widowed Gosling’s teenage daughter, she creates a street smart character that disapproves of her father’s profession while also tagging along for the ride. Rice will definitely be a star to look out for and has scored the role of Betty Brant in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017).

The costumes, sets, score, music and characters of this film are all of a high quality but the script is what really made it succeed in my opinion. This film is absolutely hilarious and has plenty of action to keep the tone from being too jovial. Whatever your opinion is of the man, Crowe rarely disappoints and Gosling is now comfortably sitting in superstar Hollywood A-list status.

Rating: 8.5/10


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