Welcome to my film review blog. It’s my first attempt at blogging so please bear with me. I’m not here to act as a “cinephile” or “film buff” (although, with the more I watch and learn, somewhat aspire to be) but more of a cinema fan that likes to diversify his range of viewing to that outside of Hollywood fluff and box office cash cows. I will still however watch and review these as I’d like to keep my reviews broad and to appease all readers.

I’m going to be mixing my reviews between the old and new so that someone may discover a hidden gem, want suggestions for new releases or simply want to broaden their cinematic palate.

As film taste is subjective, you may not agree with everything I critique. To me that is the beauty of any art form. Personally, I prefer films with a narrative that lingers and gets people talking. I like to be emotionally invested in the films I watch. Plot, character development and cinematography far outweigh booms, crashes and explosions. As previously mentioned, I’m not trying to sound like a “film buff” but am totally okay with snobbery when it comes to any artwork. As Ricky Gervais so eloquently states: “I think there should be snobbery in art. The world is full of idiots. There isn’t safety in numbers with art. I think you should be a complete fascist when creating a work of art. I don’t think it’s open to utilitarian or democratic referendum”.

Thanks for stopping by.